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Waterproofing and Slab Repairs


The main function of our roof tiles is to protect us from the weather, especially from the rain, since humidity affects our health, our furniture, and ultimately deteriorates life.useful of our property. We recommend waterproofing with the appropriate frequency to avoid further damage to the structure of our buildings, currently there are options that are eventhermal, there are products that range from 3 years to 15 years.


We must analyze very well the product to use according to our needs because the cost of labor for a correct application is the same, only the cost of the waterproofing used changes, we consider it a good investment because it will provide comfort and safety to everyone in home. For emergencies, plastic cement can be applied, which works even in humid environments, although it is a short-term solution that often saves us in cases of unexpected leaks. 

A good waterproofing requires disinfecting the area where the product will be applied, removing any organic element or loose material, then cracks and flaws in the slab are repaired and then applying two coats in an adequate proportion of the waterproofing product of our choice, all the critical points. They must have reinforcing mesh. 

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